Member Applications

Residents and Non-Residents need a membership pass to golf in Birmingham. Conveniently purchase or renew your membership pass at Lincoln Hills Golf Course (2666 W. 14 Mile) or  Springdale Golf Course (316 Strathmore) . Download and review the Birmingham Golf Course Rules and Regulations, which includes Golf Etiquette and Care of the Course.

2019 Resident Membership Application 2019 Resident Membership Application
First-time membership passes cost $15 and are valid for one year. Membership pass renewals cost $10 annually.

2019 Business Membership Application 2019 Business Membership Application
Business Membership: $100 Businesses that pay real or personal property taxes to the City.

2019 Non-Resident Membership Application 2019 Non Resident Membership Application
• Non-Resident Individual Pass: $150
Non-Resident Dual Pass: $200
Any two non-resident individuals age 10 or greater who reside in the same household.
Non-Resident Family Pass: $250
One or two adults and all children ages 10 to 23 who reside in the same household.

Unlimited Golf Pass – (Enjoy Unlimited Greens Fees)
• 4-day Pass (Monday through Thursday): $600.
• 5-day Pass (Monday through Friday): $800.
• 7-day Pass (Sunday through Saturday): $1,000.
• Junior Pass (Monday through Friday): $400.
• Resident and Non-Resident membership pass included in rate; greens fees only.

Package Club Pass (Prepaid Rounds)
• 10 rounds + 1 free round: $145 adults.
Resident and Non-Resident membership pass required; greens fees only.